Mother's day..

22 Desember 2009.


I wish I could take back all those times when I hurt your feelings or let you down..
But I can't change the past or predict the future.. So, I just can tell you how much I love you..

You have always been everything to me..
Helping me learn about life.. Letting me know my own mistakes..
You have always been listening when I needed to talk, supporting me when I was down..
Most of all,
You have always been my mother..
Loving me no matter what I did or I said..

There are so many moments when I wish you knew how much you matter to me, and how much I thank you for being such a great mother.. In the times of my life, whether we are near or far, remember that there could never never be any mother more wonderful than the one you are..

Thank you for providing me with the the strength to help me conquer difficulties..
Thank you for providing me the knowledge to help me accomplish things..
Thank you for always being there to help me.. For always being there
to understand.. And for always being there to take care of me..
Thank you for always cheering me on and for having confidence in me, even when I had none in myself..
Thank you for showing you were proud of me, no matter how small the accomplishment..

I have in my heart the tears you cried with me, both silently and aloud..
I have in my heart the sacrifices you made for me, so that I might be happy..
I have in my heart the special things a mother says to her child..

Without you, there would be no me.. Your love, attention, guidance, have made me who I am..
Withou you, I would be lost.. Wanderin aimlessly, without direction or purpose..
You showed me everything.. You showed me how to serve, to accomplish, and to presevere..

There have been many times when I have missed the chance to tell you that I am so proud of you and all you stand for.. I admire everything about your way of life, even though you may have wondered many times if I was even listening when you spoke to me.. You may have felt as if your words were falling on closed ears, but I have always heard you.. And many times those messages of yours have helped me, guided me, and kept me safely going on..

And now, I pray for my mother..
God, please bless my mother for her sacrifices..
Please bless my mother for always being there for me.. For being the person I know I can turn to when I need comfort, encouragement, or even just a hug..
Most of all,
Please bless my mother for her unconditional love, for loving me no matter what, and for frequently showing love in ways that makes me feel valued and cherished..

Thank you, Mom..
I love you.. You are always in my heart..

Happy Mother's Day..


  1. iya hari ini hari ibu !!!!

    ayu juga mau ucapin hari ibu buat ibunya ayu dan juga ibu2 lainnya. khususnya ibunya ayu,yang selalu senantiasa ada buat ayu dan keluarga.

  2. Happy mother's day buat ammaku dan mamanya ica yaaa...
    semoga kita bisa bahagiain mama kita yaa ica :)

  3. Seandainya tiap hari adalah hari ibu (seorang anak yang senantiasa menghormati ibunya), maka akan ada "Hari Ibu" tidak ya?


  4. Indah sekali!

    Selamat hari ibu untuk semua manusia yang di Dunia, baik yang akan menjadi ibu, yang sedang menjadi ibu bahkan untuk bapak-bapak yg jg berperan sbg ibu!
    Cintai ibu kita, ya!

  5. oh ibu kapan aku masuk ke telapak kaimu..
    (surga, hhe..)

  6. Nice words Icha & Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful mothers in Indonesia! :)

  7. pokokx buat ibu di slueruh dunia....happy mother day n moga panjang umur untuk slamax agar kami sxemua bsa slalu bersamamu amien.... I lovue You mom...

  8. Very nice words, icha..! ;)

    Aku sebagai anak cukup bangga kerana dianugerahi seorang ibu yg sempurna sifat keibuannya..Thanks to Allah swt!

    Happy Mother's Day aku ucapkan kepada para ibu-ibu sekalian..I love you so much mom! ^_^

  9. Dari Abu Hurairah RA: "Datang seseorg kpd Rasulullah SAW dan berkata, 'Wahai Rasulullah, kpd siapakah aku harus berbakti pertama kali ?' Nabi SAW menjawab, 'Ibumu!' Org tsb kembali bertanya, 'Kemudian siapa lagi ?' Nabi SAW menjawab, 'Ibumu!' Ia bertanya lagi, 'Kemudian siapa lagi?' Nabi SAW menjawab, 'Ibumu!', Org tsb bertanya kembali, 'Kemudian siapa lagi, 'Nabi SAW menjawab, 'Bapakmu'"[HR Bukhari 5971,Muslim 2548]

  10. I would also like to ride writing about mothers day Mom .... you are so wonderful what you've done and all the sacrifices that you have done in order to maintain the family unit ... absolutely incredible, raised me to be a little bit annoying but still cute . would be quite a word from me about me and my mother and mother good day for all mothers in my beloved country Indonesia.

    from: someone who is proud of her mother:]

  11. Icha...
    Im ur fan in Malaysia...
    U act really good in lot`s of drama..
    How u`ve been recently?

    xoxo, Lily

  12. selamat hari ibu
    ibu hari selamat
    ibu selamat hari
    ibu selamat tahun
    ulang selamat tahun
    tahun selamat ulang

    Jagad Pramudito

  13. met ulta buat icha n moga tambah dewasa....amien.,.

  14. Happy (belated) Birthday, Alyssa Soebandono(Icha)! May your birthday be filled with excitement, joy, & laughter. ^_^ http://bit.ly/5WsqJk

    *If i'm not mistaken, 25 December is your birthday, right? Sorry if i'm wrong.. :P

  15. liat blog aku yaaaa

  16. It was really nice to read your words for a Mother. I was just feeling that i am saying this to my Mom. Really thanks to share the beautiful and nice feelings.

    Mugi2 sedaya angsal rejeki kathah ingkang halal lan diparingi jodo sak bagus2e lan pinter lan ugi alim kayata resi.. amien.. matur nuwun

    Mugi2 sedaya angsal rejeki kathah ingkang halal lan diparingi jodo sak bagus2e lan pinter lan ugi alim kayata resi.. amien.. matur nuwun

  19. no comment

    yang pasti saya salut sama ibumu


  20. Your mom must be proud of you as her daughter. I can feel your love for her.